Besides the production of technological substations, GD-con offers full or partial outfitting of the custom-made.

Design and production

We offer full package solution for design and production of custom-made modules.


We fulfill your requirements for high quality standard containers in ISO or oversize dimensions.

Initial customer contact

This phase is characterized by the initial telephone or e-mail contact with the customer.

Project overview

The initial discussion is followed by a further exchange of information on the purpose of the special container.

Quote preparation

After presenting all the specifics of a special container and getting important details.

Special container design in 3D software

At this stage, a 3D model of a special container is prepared with the exact dimensions and location of the individual elements.

Production of the special container

As soon as the preparation steps are completed, the production phase begins.

Documentation/quality checks of special container

Several quality checks are carried out during the entire production phase of the special container.

Factory acceptance

The last stage of production of the technological container.

Aftersales services

The final phase of the process of design and production of the technological container.